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May 3, 2012

Yesterdays Toys… Todays Trash

by mommahasapottymouth

As I sit here going over ( in my mind of course) what today has been, I wonder if I was misguided in my decision-making. I am steaming with craziness and I’m beginning to wonder if I need to be fully medicated to be a mother.


We will start with this morning. AM wanted bacon, and I told her I was waiting for this weekend to cook the last of it. For her daddy of course. She went wild with fit. I offered her cereal and she said ok, so I ( stupidly) assumed she would eat it. Dumped on the floor. ( As if my carpet needs anything dumped on it.) Time out she went.

Next, we decided ( OK I decided) that it would be a WONDERFUL *insert sarcastic voice* idea to buy her a canvas painting kit. With oil based paint. ( In my defense, it was $5 and I had no idea the paint was that kind of paint). I set up the easel my momma and daddy got her and put her little masterful mind to work. Well, now she ( and unfortunately I) am covered in paint that does not wash off. Nice job momma.

I decided to drink my Red Line ( cracked out version of Red Bull) and go to work on her room that you couldn’t see the floor in. At this point, I am boiling with anger. Every article of clothing was on the floor, and she had locked her little kitty in her room for an extended period of time. Cat piss every where. After I decided to get the cloths out, I figure picking up toys wouldn’t be THAT big a deal. Wrong! After my failed attempts at trying to organize the shit hole, I finally grabbed a garbage bag and started tossing anything I could get my hands on. 90% of her toys are now garbage.

I’m wondering if I should have done that? I mean, it was A LOT of toys. 3 years worth. I didn’t take them out to the can yet, but I fully intend to. I mean, it felt good to take my anger out on a room full of shit rather than her. And maybe this will teach her Momma aint playin anymore. Clean up your room or its trash.

So, to any of my family or friends who have ever bought my daughter a toy, I’m only sorry that you wasted your money. NOT that I threw out the shit that was fixin to take over my house and self combust at any moment.

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