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May 10, 2012

When The Sun Does Shine…

by mommahasapottymouth

Only in Washington state do people (children) think its hot when the sun does shine.

The weather has been getting  nicer, and we planted our garden last weekend. It was my early Mothers Day gift. I am thoroughly excited. Ive always wanted a huge garden, and while mine is in no way huge, its the length of my house. I am mostly excited about the peas. And watching AM see the transformation from tiny seed to plant to food for Thumper. And Momma.


So today, we went out to water everything and play in the chilly 56 degree weather. I must be a bad momma, because when I was done watering everything, she wanted the hose. I gave it to her and she had a HAY DAY! Seriously, best day in a long time for her. She made a huge mud puddle and was jumping around splashing around.  She wanted to be nekkid but I put an end to that.


So, now I have a lake in my yard, but I also have the happiest three year old in Washington State. We all have to make sacrifices right?



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