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January 21, 2013

When Kids WONT Eat

by mommahasapottymouth

Ahh…. the joys of parenting. When your precious little baby will eat anything you put in her mouth, relish in it. I promise you it will not last! In fact, about the time your angel turns 3, that will change.

I think when a kid is born, they are pre programmed for certain things. For instance, ONLY liking hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Gosh, my house is a nightmare when it comes to eating!! Take last night:

not my kid but this sums it up

I cut up pork and fried it in to little chunks. After I simmered it in some orange sauce. I also made rice to go with. I can not tell you how good it was. (OK I can, AH-MAZ-ING!!) But, AM is way to head strong to want try it. It was a battle untill bed time.

See normally I cook for an army, in the assumption that Matt is not the only on who is going to eat. And EVERY SINGLE night I end up throwing AM’s dinner out. Unless it is hot dogs chicken nuggets or pizza.


Frankly, I am fed up of feeding the Seagulls at the god damn dump. They eat better than most freakin dogs!

Last night was the first time I stuck to my guns, and did not make her something else. If she is hungry, she will eat. Right? But, with that in mind, how long does not giving in make sense? This morning I made english muffins and bacon. If given the chance, AM will eat a pound of bacon and nothing else. So, I gave her the muffin first and told her when she finishes that she can have some bacon. Well, I’ll tell you what she did, sneaky little shit:

Tore it in half. Ok, I can deal with that, maybe it was too big to hold or something. Then she sucked ( yes, you read that right. ) the butter out of it. So I am thinking however you go about eating it sweaty, and she picks up both halves and stretches, the food going to the god damn dog! She says ” Aw dang it! Buddy stole my food!!” Now, buddy is no saint, and he is known for doing this. Had I not seen it, the dog would have got an ass beating and she would have gotten bacon!

So there is no way I can be the only parent who is going thru this! Anyone knows what to do??  How long can I tell her no before I break??

May 22, 2012

Mommas Tasty Chicken Fingers!

by mommahasapottymouth

Another recipe from mommas kitchen. Sorry for y’all if you didn’t really follow me to read what I feed my kids. I tried these tonight, and they where “So Delicious!” says my daughter AM.


You will need:

1 lbs Boneless Chicken thighs

2 Eggs

Butter Milk

Ground pepper

Dried minced garlic

Panko bread crumbs

Cheese French fried onions (crushed)

Butter (melted)

Foil lined Baking dish

Non-stick oil


In a small bowl beat eggs and add a dash of butter milk. Add pepper and garlic. Set aside.

Cut fat from chicken, then cut chicken into thin strips. Soak chicken strips in egg mixture for 30 min to 1 hour.

In another bowl mix bread crumbs and french fried onions (cheese kind, finely crushed) until completely mixed.

After chicken has soaked, dip into bread crumb mixture and place into the foil lined and non-stick sprayed dish. After, drizzle with melted butter.

Place in oven set at 450, and cook for 7 min, take out and turn chicken. Place back in and cook 8 more min.

Promptly remove from dish when baking is done and let cool. Serve warm!!


Enjoy y’all!!!

(If you try this and add anything or change anything, I’d love to hear what you did. I like to experiment in the kitchen!)

May 9, 2012

Day in the life of a 3 year old …

by mommahasapottymouth

I think it would only be fair for y’all to understand how my daughter works, so you can understand why I get so ticked. So this is her NORMAL routine. Get ready!

3:30 AM: Climb into momma and daddy’s bed. Asks for her “show” and some milk.

3:45  AM: Asks momma millions of questions. realizes that her “show” is back on and shuts up.

4:00 AM: Decides to wake little brother, since momma can not be roused.

4:15 AM: Does something so make brother scream, (I think she pinches him, but who knows?) waking momma up.

4:30 AM: Goes in search of poor little kitty. Brings him back to mommas bed.

5:00 AM: Wakes momma up again, telling her “Momma! Brothers crying!” Momma gets up.

5:30 AM: Watches momma make brother a Baba, and coffee. As soon as the first cup is drank, PROMPTLY falls back asleep.

9:00 AM: Wakes up. Hungry.

9:30 AM: Argues anything that is not bacon for breakfast. She normally wins.

10:00 AM Plays with what ever toy is available. Even if brother is playing with it.

11:00 AM: Finds momma. Shes hungry again.

11:10 AM: Eats again.

12:00 PM: Watches something on TV, still hungry.

Between 1PM and 5 PM: Is mean to various animal, usually who ever is closest. Floods the bathroom. Takes her brothers toys. Yells that she is hungry ( her favorite time to do this is if momma is on the phone, but any time will do) . Eats. Watches TV.

5:30 PM: Hungry. Again.

6:00 PM: Dinner time, but refuses anything except hot  dogs, chicken nuggets, and mashed potatoes. She does not win, but sometimes, only eats like a bird.

7:00 PM: Bath Time! I think this is the best time of the day for her. As y’all know, she loves bubbles.

7:30 PM: Forced exit from the tub, as she will stay in untill her lips are blue and her teeth are chattering.

7:45 PM: Brush teeth, add lotion, braid unruly hair. This too usually ends in fight.

8 Pm – 9 pm: Lays on the couch, and zonks out.


Then repeat. EVERY single day. I know I am blessed in being allowed to stay home with her and watch her grow. But, she makes me want to pull out my hair.


My me time is when she is either occupied ( bless that little kitty of hers. I’m going straight to hell for the little guy) or sleeping. Its sad, but she is my everything and I wouldn’t change this ( OK maybe a few parts of my day) for anything.

Just tell me I am not alone in this here??

April 27, 2012

Devine chicken pasta!!!

by mommahasapottymouth

This is in no way a food blog, but from time to time I will share a recipe that I love or turned out well. This one happens to be one my family created and I have adopted a few of my own things to add to it.

Please know i do not measure things while cooking; its more of a taste and add more kinda measurement.


You will need:

  • chicken ( i recently tried thighs, which is good because it is dark meat, but breasts are good too)
  • pasta ( i really love whole grain pasta, as it adds color to the otherwise plain-looking dish, but Matt does not. one word of caution: do not use colored pasta or angel hair, color adds a weird flavor and angel hair gets mushy.)
  • butter
  • wok oil ( if possible, if not a touch of veggie oil works too)
  • one onion
  • garlic ( i usually end up using like 4 cloves)
  • crushed red pepper (to add a hint of a kick)
  • garlic salt
  • shredded Parmesan cheese
  • GREEN Tabasco sauce ( red will not work)

i boil my chicken first. after that i cut it into bite size pieces and throw it in the pan with butter (one tbl spoon works) and a touch of oil. add your onion and garlic (chopped and minced) and cook until brown.


while this is cooking i cook my pasta. only til they are JUST done. put them in a strainer and run very cold water over them until all the noodles are cold (this step is critical, because warm noodles equal mushy noodles= YUCK)


throw your chicken mixture into the pasta pot and cover. add more butter (one or more tbl spoons) and a touch of oil and the onion and garlic and fry up the pasta until almost crisp.


when you are satisfied with your noodles add to chicken and toss. top with a sprinkle of  cheese and green sauce.



i must say that i add the garlic salt and red pepper while i am frying. you may omit the pepper if you don’t want it too spicy.



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