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May 13, 2012

I am Momma, Therefore…

by mommahasapottymouth

( Let me start by saying that this is NOT a complaint. Nothing I say in this post is me being unhappy or venting. Because I am momma, I am also a lot of other things, although a lot of others will argue that once you are momma, you are never anything else. Well, sir, I beg to differ.)

pregnant with AM

I am Momma, therefore:

I lie. All the time. Some lies are not bad. Sometimes they are to appease little children who have a case of the I wants. Sometimes, they are to get a child to shut up. Take it or leave it though, I lie.

I am Momma, therefore:

I have an imagination. I can make up stories at the drop of a hat, and play Barbie with the best of them.

I am Momma, therefore:

I have selective hearing. I can tune out a screamin kid like nobodies business. I can also hear little children down the hall about to flood the bathroom.

I am Momma, therefore:

I am a maid. I clean butts, kitchens and litter boxes. I wash clothes and do the shopping. That said…

I am Momma, therefore:

My house is NOT spick and span. Dishes are clean and put away, but there are dust bunnies. There is clutter. I am not ashamed to admit this.

I am Momma, therefore:

I get dirty. My daughter loves the mud like her daddy, therefore, I get dirty too.

I am Momma, therefore:

I am a Doctor and Nurse. I fix owies and heal boo boos. I will eventually have to heal broken hearts as well.

I am Momma, therefore:

I have bags under my eyes and a ponytail. My nails are hardly polished, and I don’t get to wear makeup often. I don’t go out, Ive traded those in for bed time stories and late night snuggles.

I am Momma, therefore:

I am a fighter. I will fight every step of the way to make sure that my babies get what they need in life. I also tend to fight my kids, but we all make sacrifices.

I am Momma, therefore:

I am in love. My babies mean more to me then anything in this world.

Pregnant with JR

I am Momma.

May 5, 2012

Don’t Pull The Trigger

by mommahasapottymouth

It’s amazing how something can trigger a memory or something from the past. And, its amazing how we deal with those triggers.

Some of us avoid them at all costs.
For me something small will trigger ” black out” like feelings for me. Something like the smell of peaches. Not like mommas peach pie, no like the smell of peach lotion or a peach scented candle. It sends me over the edge. Its horrible and hard to recover, often leaving me feeling like I need a good salt scrub scouring.

Other times its a song. In my case when I hear anything by Pat Benatar I instantly feel good, along with Hootie and the Blow Fish. Feel good songs that always lift up my spirit. Some songs are not the same though. Some remind me of all the wrong I have done and all the times I have hurt someone I love dearly. When I hear them I get so angry. Radio instantly off.

The last trigger for me is sight. When you have not seen something for so long and suddenly it is right in your line of sight, you can not help but to feel something, weather it be good or bad. Seeing my daddy’s boat and older Dodge Ram Trucks (Diesel of course.) Reminds me of the good part of my child hood. But I tell you, when I see a 76 station I cringe and want to vomit. I can sometimes even feel the acid wanting to take over my body. I am not sure why this is such a bad trigger but I also have no want or desire to find out.

How does one over come the “bad” triggers? I once asked a Doctor and he told me exposure. No thank you. The next time I walked into his office he had a peach candle burning, and I have never went back or talked about the peaches since.

Do you have a good or bad trigger? How do you deal with them?

April 27, 2012


by mommahasapottymouth

I have tried, I really have. But I can not censor my thoughts or words. This makes things extremely difficult when raising children. Four letter words have become as casual in my vocabulary as “NO! FINE! IM GONNA CALL YOUR DADDY! And my favorite Child, I swear to god…” It’s just that the F word can be used to describe just about everything, and gets the point across almost all of the time!

The other day while in the car, my 3-year-old (who has a better vocabulary then most adults) was singing along to “Flo Rida Ass back home”, ( yes I know I am a horrible mother for letting her listen to that). At the end of the song she informed me that “Momma, Ass is a bad word and I can’t say ass. But the song said Ass and I said it, because the words say ass and I like that song.” Oh lord! what am I going to do with this child?

Another of her favorites are Theory of a Dead Mans “B*ich came back.” Dont judge me, she knows all the words and that has to stand for something, even if the song is nasty and the words are vulgar. I do have to put a stop to it though, because in a small town like mine, the grocery store is made up of people who KNOW you and, well the old church ladies don’t particularly like hearing ” Don’t you know that the bitch came back the very next day” being sang at the top of a three-year old little beauty.


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