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January 16, 2013


by mommahasapottymouth

know your WordPress feed is full of Gun control and the second amendment, but I need to have my fair say.

(I am not going to say much on President Obama. But I will say this; and DO NOT confuse this for anything other than what I am actually saying. Also, please know that I am not really religious, although I do believe in a higher power. )

I while ago ( actually, just before Obama’s first term) I read an entire collection of books called “Left Behind”, and it talked about the Anti-Christ. How he was so smooth and charismatic. And how he can have you believing him with no effort. And then Obama entered our lives. Most of the nation was under his wonderful spell with the hopes of a better tomorrow.

But something had me holding back…. and soon my mind kept going back to the book.

Now, I am not actually calling our President the Anti-Christ. I am just saying that the similarities are quite, astounding.

Lets fast forward to our last Presidential race. Gun control was a hot button issue. Obama is very forward about how he feels and what he wants. I respect that. I, as a law-abiding citizen who is not a felon, do not want to be blind sided by false promises or beating around the bush.

Obama won, and is reinstated into office. That means that whether we agree or disagree, he is still our Commanding Officer. So lets  flash forward again, to about one month ago.

Sandy Hook elementary school. Many lives were lost, and it was an American tragedy. If you didn’t feel any emotion that day, you had no heart. AND then, the conspiracy theorist start. Let me say that I do not buy into that bull shit. NORMALY. But the video, well, now I do not know. I feel like the people who I have grown up believing wouldn’t be capable of a horrific act, well, where not being honest. (HA HA, honesty in D.C., what a joke right?)

But, now I am off topic. I don’t want to get into if it was an act, or if it was a true event.

Today, I sat down to watch the news. I cried. Not because of anything but what has happened to our wonderful country? What happened to the brave that we once where living amongst? Every other word out of Mr. Presidents mouth was “executive decision”. Almost like a threat. (this is what I heard, I am not saying this is actually what he said) ” If my country and my congress members do not like the Gun Control plan I have laid out, well too damn bad. I am President, and what I say goes!”

I did a little research. In another country, they banned guns. They (the people of that country) found other things that where just as deadly as the gun, and used that. (So, if we have a total ban, and people start using pots and pans as weapons, are we eventually going to have a ban on kitchen wear too?) Or in Seattle, we had a gun buy back some 20 years ago. Right after it finished, gun crimes tripled. WTF!

I guess what I am saying is that I feel like there is a bigger picture here that we are missing. Criminals do not follow laws. That is what makes them criminals. Even if we do end up with a total ban, I promise you there will be other ways they will obtain guns other ways. And if the government is successful in the quest, they will implement other weapons. Whats next??? A ban on biological weapons? Oh, right, yes there already is!

To finish this, I think that implementing the Universal Background checks is brilliant. Harsher laws? FUCKIN A! (but why are they not as harsh as they can be?) I also think that maybe a Universal list of potentially dangerous (but otherwise felony free) people, and people who are not in the mind-set to handle or operate a gun would be nice to see implemented. I also think that if you want to buy a gun, ANY gun, you should be required to go thru gun safety classes and prove that you are competent to own one. But taking them away?? Restricting what I can or can not own? Limiting the type of clip I can have?? Lets not!!

Now, if you will excess me, I need to go clean my AR!

(only kidding, I don’t have one yet!)

August 28, 2012

Guest Post: Store Day

by mommahasapottymouth

So far, the only guest that I have wanted to write with me is my brother-in-law. I am planning to keep it that way. If you don’t already know, he is in prison. If you do not have anything nice to say, please skip this post.

This is the main entrance to Clallam Bay Corrections Center


Store Day

By: Jeremy H

“If you have never been locked up its doubtful that you understand the significance of Store Day. I don’t even know that I can fully explain it but I will try.

The concept of Store Day is rather simple its the day we inmates get our commissary items. Not a big deal to free people, but quite important to us. Its like pay-day, Christmas, birthday, or panhandling day, depending who you are.

Our entire week revolves around Store Day. Here it begins Sunday when slips have to be turned in. Those that are fortunate enough to have a hob or a loved ones to provide money are able to order whatever goodies are on the store list. Many others can only run up a hygiene debt of generic soap, generic toothpaste, aspirin, paper, small pencils and envelopes.

Thus begins the long wait until Wednesday when Store arrives. This is a time of expectation and looking forward to something. There are few things in prison to look forward to and almost nothing beats Store Day. Off hand, visits are the only thing that come to mind.

Monday or Tuesday is when people tend to run out of things like coffee and soap. It’s a rare week when you don’t hear someone asking for a shot of coffee or a bar of soap “until Store Day.”‘

Every week we watch the Store cart get rolled to our unit and the anxiety skyrocket. You can feel the tension in the air. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got 1 envelope coming or a $30 sack or food you’re excited.

With the excitement comes the worries. Did the money make it on time? Did they run out of something you need? Did prices go up again and overdraw your order? Did your slop somehow get lost?

The wait continues minute by minute as each order is counted and checked for accuracy. The stress builds as you see the far left (Red) pod start to go out one by one to pick up their Store. The pod order is supposed to rotate week to week, Red-Brown-Green with each getting their chance at being the first pod. Funny thing is on Store Day, they ALWAYS start with Red pod.

Some people pace their cell waiting to be called. Most people (and I am one of them) wait at their cell door looking out and try to will the process to go faster. It reminds me of getting up at 3am on Christmas morning and staring back and forth from the presents to the clock wondering when Mom and Dad will get up. One by one people com back from the Store cart. Some are happy but inevitably there are those whose money didn’t make it on time, or worse, unfortunate enough to have ordered an out of stock item.

Next comes the repayment of thing borrowed, or debts incurred. Almost everyone has to make a move of some sort. Then there are the people with nothing looking for a handout. Already deals are being made for next Store Day and the excitement begins to build once again.

Next Store Day I’ll get…”

August 27, 2012

Guest Post: Indian Story

by mommahasapottymouth

This is a guest post from my brother-in-law, Jeremy, who is currently in prison. As I have stated before, if you are not comfortable reading something that an inmate has written, please either pass this story by or, if you must, unfollow me. This man is paying his time, and in all honesty, I find him to be a creative genius. Please enjoy!

this is the scanned copy of what we received in the mail. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!


I am going to be adding more now. I just don’t have the hard copy any more. If you can read this, please take the time to do so!!

April 30, 2012

Sex Education

by mommahasapottymouth

In all honesty, the thought of having the “birds and the bees” conversation with my daughter (DH gets to have the “talk” with JR) scares the ever livin shit outta me. No joke? I mean how do you know they are ready?? Damn, why don’t kids come with handbooks or instructions. Oh, I forgot. Schools have deemed when MY child is ready to know about these things.


I just am not sure that I would rather my child learn about ANYTHING about sex from someone paid in a school full of students. I would rather have to do it my self.

And I remember our “Sex-Ed” class, THIRD grade!! Yeah I think that’s a bit on the young side.

How does one go about beginning that conversation any way? ” Hey AM, I know your 35 years old now and have been wondering why we live in the woods and have had no communication with the outside world in the last 30 years. Well I guess its time to tell you how you were made. Sex. Yep sex. OK well you go on now and go play out side with the goat.” ( Now your confused, I’ve always wanted a goat and I’m pretty sure that soon DH will want to relocate us far away from boys from AM)

something like this I’m sure. serves two purposes: No boys and Camo. LOL:

She already know where babies physically come from. Isn’t that enough????

April 29, 2012

Outta the mouth of babes

by mommahasapottymouth

My daughter has *cough cough* learned 95 of her adult sized vocabulary from yours truly. A round of applause please? No? OK  I get it. She, too, sometimes has a potty mouth. If you missed that post, please refer to Censoring.

Sometimes though, she does not use curse words. Sometimes shes just funny as hell. Here are a few examples:


“Momma, I got meat ball poops!” She was still in a diaper and severely constipated. It indeed looked like giant meat balls.

“No Momma! I didn’t just let Figaro out side! I think Sissy done it.” Figaro is my (her) pint size cat who does not go out side. And in case you are wondering, My Golden Reteiver (with her bad hips and bitchy attitude) does not have  thumbs to open my front door.

” Oh I don’t know where Figaro is, I think he must be sleeping in the bottom dwar of the fridge. I think he was hot.” Yep. He was in the fridge right where she said he was. I’m not convinced that he was hot and went in for a cool down. Poor kitty.

“Momma this hot coco is going to make bubba so beautiful.” She says this as I walk into the house. The coco had cooled and she has a tooth brush and “painting” him with cold coco.

“I’m not eating this dinner! This is bedickulas! I only eat hot dogs and chicken nuggets.” Don’t judge me. That is another story we will for sure get to.

“Well if you don’t let me, my daddy is going to put you in time out old lady.” I’m really only 25.

” Oh my em gee. I need to call my grandma.”

“Momma, you should post this on Facebook.”

“Oh my gosh momma! You stink like daddy!” What did she really expect?


There are more, and from time to time Ill share them with y’all


April 27, 2012


by mommahasapottymouth

I have tried, I really have. But I can not censor my thoughts or words. This makes things extremely difficult when raising children. Four letter words have become as casual in my vocabulary as “NO! FINE! IM GONNA CALL YOUR DADDY! And my favorite Child, I swear to god…” It’s just that the F word can be used to describe just about everything, and gets the point across almost all of the time!

The other day while in the car, my 3-year-old (who has a better vocabulary then most adults) was singing along to “Flo Rida Ass back home”, ( yes I know I am a horrible mother for letting her listen to that). At the end of the song she informed me that “Momma, Ass is a bad word and I can’t say ass. But the song said Ass and I said it, because the words say ass and I like that song.” Oh lord! what am I going to do with this child?

Another of her favorites are Theory of a Dead Mans “B*ich came back.” Dont judge me, she knows all the words and that has to stand for something, even if the song is nasty and the words are vulgar. I do have to put a stop to it though, because in a small town like mine, the grocery store is made up of people who KNOW you and, well the old church ladies don’t particularly like hearing ” Don’t you know that the bitch came back the very next day” being sang at the top of a three-year old little beauty.


Lord help me!


Nothing but an induced epidemic!

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