Please Help Me Find A Solution!!

by mommahasapottymouth

OK, I am in desperate need of some help here. I have an ant problem. Sugar ants to be exact. And with all the information out there, I am a little overwhelmed.


I put out 4 small little ant bait things, supposed to kill in 24 hours. Yeah freakin right. Mind you, these 4 little trap things were placed about 8 feet apart. 2 on each end.

save your self the money and DON’T buy these!


My daughter is convinced they are spiders, and has been having little panic attacks every night before bed and every morning when she wakes up. I can no longer take it. I am willing to do anything to rid myself of these things!!


If you have ever had this problem, I am BEGGING you to lend me your advise. If you are going to comment with something mean, please save your self the time and just don’t comment at all!!



10 Comments to “Please Help Me Find A Solution!!”

  1. Some ants like protein., others like sugar. If you have the type that like sugar, we’ve found success mixing 1 tablespoon of borax into a 2 cup jar of strawberry jelly. We leave bits of the jelly on lids placed near the places where the ants come in. It works pretty well, and if one of the kids gets into it, there isn’t enough Borax in there to do any damage. You can find Borax with the other laundry detergents in the grocery store.

  2. I heard that a line of cayenne pepper will stop the ants. I have never tried this, however, I hear it really works. 😉

  3. If you can find the hole where they’re actually entering your house, put a little pile of talcum powder there. Then they can’t get in. Good luck.

  4. Not sure if it works on sugar ants specifically, but try putting out some small piles of cornmeal. They can’t digest it…it may take a few days, but it worked on my black ants last year and I think they spread the word because I haven’t seen them since.

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