Cases of the Screamin I WANTS!

by mommahasapottymouth

None of us is above wanting things. Its human nature, and it can not be reversed. We do however, have control over the things we indulge in and the times we make others happy by giving them what they want.

For example; I want the house on the canal that I pass every time I leave my house. Its beautiful and has two (count ’em bitches T-W-O) wrap around porches. Its stunning and painted yellow. And I want it. But, alas, it will never be mine. For one, I’m pretty sure that it’s some sort of “Dive House” where the local divers go to learn to dive. And two it’s not practical to have a house on the canal or right off the highway when you have two beautiful babies. Damn it. I still want it.

This is the dive house. I love it and I want it!!

Matt is not immune to the “I wants” of life either. I think right now he wants cars. And car parts. Maybe a farm. I honestly don’t know. Oh wait. He is also ready to have fishing season open at the local river. Big fun.

My daughter, AM, has by far the worst case. Every single time a toy commercial comes on she screams ” Momma momma!!! Come look! Can we buy one tomorrow?” I always answer with the same response “We’ll see” which always makes her happy.Tomorrow, she forgets.

I have however been that momma who has left a full shopping cart in the middle of the store because of the horrible awful screamin “I wants.” Yes. And yes, I was so god damn mad that if I was not legally obligated to do so, I wouldn’t have made her lunch when we got home.

These are not items you would normally find in my cart.

The screamin “I wants” have also turned me in to a psycho of a momma. One day my little monster wanted a balloon. I told her OK, but I was going to hold it until we got to the car so that it wouldn’t float away. That totally pissed her off and she went ape shit nuts. The woman in front of me stuck her nose in the air and said (TO MY FACE) ” Hmm…. doesn’t look like you are really cut out for motherhood. Don’t you know how to control your child in public? Well my children never acted out, I would be so embarrassed if I where you.”

This is not the actual old hag who schooled me on my parenting

Well, I never.

Let me tell you what I told that old wrinkly witch. I said something to the effect of: ” Well, it must be nice to be the mother of the year. You must be so proud that you have angels for children. She is two and this is normal behavior for a two-year old to throw a fit from time to time. So I am going to ask you kindly to shut your old mouth before any cobwebs fall on to my child and she freaks out some more. Oh and do you have a card? You must be in the business of teaching mothers all around how to raise their children, and since no one I know is nearly as perfect as you I am sure I could bring you lots of money.”

With that, she left her cart and walked out of the store.

The point I am trying to make here is that we all want something, and, not every single one of them will be met. There is no right way to deal with a screamin I want, nor is there a wrong way ( aside from abuse), and the way a momma or daddy deals with it will be different from the way you deal with it. I think dolling out advise on how to raise a child is never welcome unless it is directly asked for, and even then it is very thin ice you will be treading on. Be careful!

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