Momma needs a STRONG drink

by mommahasapottymouth

Today may have been one of the worst days. My daughter thinks that she is little miss Queen Bee, and there is only room for on of us in this house.

Lack of consistent parenting is to blame. I give in when she pushes and pushes, until she has me so wound up I want to jump from a bridge. Not kidding here people.

She also inherited the arguing gene. From me. And most times she can out argue the high school debate team.

Today has been do everything momma says not to, and be sneaky day. Oh. And not listen to a damn word anyone but daddy says.

I’m over it and ready to pull my god damn hair out. Right now I am going to take my Valium and maybe have a strong drink. Ok not the drink. I don’t even have a beer in the house.


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2 Comments to “Momma needs a STRONG drink”

  1. Spanking? It always worked for my daughter when she was your daughter’s age. A swift smack to the ass to surprise and bring a quick stop to the undesirable behavior. Pain optional. At 7 years old my daughter knows when I count to 1 that something very serious will happen if I get to 3 and she stops on a dime!

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