Things EVERY parent should know

by mommahasapottymouth

Being the momma of two beauties, AM and Jr, my ideas of parenting have wildly changed thru out the course of three years. This is my list of things y’all should know. Seriously burn this crap into your brain like now!

  1. Never say I wont be that kinda parent. Really. Before you might think you know, but the bottom line is you have NO clue.
  2. Parenting must be consistent, as should punishment. You can’t let ’em get away with something one day because it fits your needs and the next day flip out. This teaches them that you are in fact a door mat that they previously thought you where.
  3. Bubbles and Balloons fix EVERYTHING. Seriously.
  4. Your child is a little artist. This means hide the food coloring, sharpies, pens and pencils or your home will be their canvas.
  5. Children are not born knowing hate. Don’t teach them.
  6. Grandmas and Grandpas are supposed to spoil. It’s in their Handbook.
  7. Kids are noisy. When they are quiet its time to investigate.
  8. Some children are under the assumption that along with artist, they are also beautician and vet. Invest in locks and baby gates. Keep sour cream and butter out of reach and, seriously just toss the scissors out the second you find your having a baby.
  9. Love them with all you got, and they will love you back. Its true.
  10. They will embarrass you. Fits will be thrown and you will want to scream. There will be a point that at least on fit will be thrown at the local Wal*Mart. Get used to the idea now. It will be OK.

I am sure there are more. Please feel free to add to this list if I have missed anything!! Remember, kids are fun, as long as you know what you are getting your self into!

6 Comments to “Things EVERY parent should know”

  1. Love it love it love it. Thanks for the follow – look forward to reading your blog?

  2. All too true! I think maybe I would add “you will get it wrong from time to time, and they will survive”

  3. If they hurt themselves, ice and bandaids are like magic potions!

  4. you will say, more than once, “oh my god i’m turning into my mother!”

  5. Love number seven . . . I have a photo of my son, then about 2 1/2, covered, head to toe, with coloring from water color pens . . . he even did his sheets, very neatly. Not a speck of pen was anywhere but on his little body and his sheets (he wanted something “a little more colorful” he told me). Ah the memories . . .

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