I Believe, I do NOT Believe

by mommahasapottymouth

We live in a society that holds onto some magical theory. I buy in to some of it, but other stuff just feels like crap. And my momma always says “If it quacks like a chicken and looks like a chicken, than honey it MUST be a chicken.” I believe my momma.

So, here are my beliefs and the things I find to be total S*IT:

I believe in love….

but… I do NOT believe everyone has a soul mate and that they will find him/her.

I believe in marriage…

but… I do not believe in marriage for the sake of a child.

I believe in “Pro-Choice”

but… I do not believe that I could do it my self.

I believe in always saying good bye at the end of a phone call…

but…. I do not believe you shouldn’t go to bed mad (OK this one I should explain: you should be able to go to bed mad if you really truly are. But after you have had time to sleep on it I do believe its time to work the problem out- plus, jeez, don’t tell me how I should feel)

I believe in rules and punishment for children…

but I don’t believe that you can punish them one time for one thing and the next day not punish for the exact same thing.

I believe in the past…

but… I don’t believe I should have to talk about it or relive it.

I believe if you break the rules, you MUST pay the consequences. ALWAYS.

but… well there is no but for that one.

I also believe in late night cuddles,

I believe in bedtime stories,

I believe in breaking dishes when I’m mad,

I believe sometimes there is no four-letter word to describe how mad I am.

I believe in crying, sometimes with ice cream and cookies.

One last thing. This might piss some of you off but I will explain:

I believe in faith…

BUT… I do not know if I believe in God.  Here is why.

No all loving being would dole out the things my family (both mine and my DH). No God (IMO) would give humans something so powerful as addiction and make it so hard (sometimes imposable) to over come. Please save the God only gives out what we can handle. That is a line of shit and Im sorry if that makes people mad. My mother in law lost her mom last August, and in February she was diagnosed with the SAME damn disease that took her momma. She hadn’t even stopped grieving for her yet. My own momma lost both of her parents with in 5 months of each other. My Oma (my daddy’s mom) had to bury her son. So tell me what all loving being, would do this? Why would he continue to inflict suffering on people? And if you plan to tell me to re pay our sins, you can save your breath. I don’t buy it.

3 Comments to “I Believe, I do NOT Believe”

  1. I’ve actually been contemplating this myself for quite some time. First of all, I’m sorry to here of the pain your family must be going through. I recently watched a move and it said something that gave me a little comfort. It went something like this:

    If a father and son were walking, and the son happened to trip and fall, you wouldn’t say that the father was a bad father but that it was simply life that caused the boy to fall. You would, however, expect the father to pick up the son and carry him back to their home and nurse him back to health. It’s the same thing with God. It isn’t that he wants us to suffer, but its just that sometimes things just happen. But we have to have faith that he will help us.

    Not sure if this helps you or if it answers your questions, but I thought I would share it anyway. I hope things will turn around for you and your family soon.

  2. I agree, if there was a God he would not allow all the suffering in the world to happen

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